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Wholesale bedding

For online stores:

The Eney-Plus garment factory cooperates with online stores, advertising pages on social networks Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, as well as various forums for joint purchases or bulletin boards. We work with the above mentioned trading sites on the system of dropsipping. We send goods through courier services New Mail, Ukrposhta, Mail. We do not have a minimum amount for the orders.

There are the following schemes for working with us:
  • 1. You have a client for the products Eney-Plus. The buyer pays you your retail price of the kit. You take off by phone or via e-mail: the client’s full name, telephone number, city, mail adress. In response, we invoice the factory with the wholesale price of the kit. After receiving the money, our bank account, on the same day, we send your order to your client.
  • 2. When you receive an order from a client, you book a set by phone or via email. Your courier arrives at our office and picks up the order..

All prices and availability on the site are relevant. We issue for downloading price lists in csv and yml (xml) format. In the prices listed:
  • 1. Products that are in stock.
  • 2. Wholesale price.
  • 3. Photos without our website address.
  • 4. Detailed product description.

Download price for online stores in format YML
Download price for online stores in format CSV